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Chocolate Espresso Love Martini

I spent many years bartending and one of my very favorite things to make was martinis. If a drink can be classy, dignified, beautiful, and delicious all at once, it’s definitely this one.

That’s why for Valentine’s Day, I decided to make this Chocolate Espresso Love Martini. Dignified, classy, and also, when you add chocolate AND espresso…. Well, try and drink just one!

Chocolate Espresso Love Martini

1 oz Steel Dust vodka

2 1/2 oz chocolate liqueur ( I used Godiva)

1 Tbsp espresso, chilled if possible 2 oz half an half or coconut milk


Whipped coconut milk (a Tbsp on top of each martini) Chocolate shavings (for garnish) Sliced strawberry (for garnish)


Mix all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well, and until mixture is slightly thick from the milk.

Pour into a chilled glass, or at least one at room temperature

Add your garnish of choice, and serve immediately!



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