Produce is Beautiful Project


Hi!  Welcome to the Produce is Beautiful Project… a place where we share our love for all things produce on Instagram in the form of group collabs and challenges.  


The Produce is Beautiful Project was born out of my own love for both eating fresh food and also my growing obsession with photographing it.  The more I posted images of fresh fruits and veggies on my Instagram page, the more I realized that I was not the only one who enjoys photographing produce, and has a deep respect and eye for seeing it’s beauty.

So, I decided to create a space where all produce nerds can share images of their own favorite produce, whether fresh, in a recipe, on the tree or even in the earth.

Please follow our Instagram page HERE and read on for more details.

Thank you for stopping by!

What is a Collab?

A collab also happens every 2 weeks or more, and has a concrete start and end day/time.  They happen on Instagram, and on a given day, we all share our own interpretation of the therefor that day on our timelines, using a common hashtag.


Chat groups are created where you can ‘meet’and chat with others who are participating ahead of the collab date.

There are some easy guidelines and details for posting, and those are introduced a few days before the post date in the chat groups.

Commenting and liking other posts are strongly encouraged, and a great way to meet and support other creatives. 


The tag #produceisbeautifulproject and #produceisbeautifulcollabs will be used on these posts, and images will be randomly chosen to be featured on the Produce is Beautiful Instagram page after each collab.  We are looking to get sponsors for the collabs and will do giveaways and other fun things.  

Great way to meet new like minded people and get inspired! 

What is a Challenge?

A subject for the challenges are introduced  bi-monthly, or every 2 weeks.  The subject is introduced on the Instagram page, and then you are invited to post or tag as many images as you like with #produceisbeautifulproject over that 2 week period that relate to the chosen subject.  

Post your own images, or tag other people's images if you think theirs would be a good fit and represent the challenge subject well.

Very loose guidelines.

Tag #produceisbeautifulproject and posts will be randomly chosen to be featured on the Produce is Beautiful Instagram page and stories.

Great way to get inspired!


Feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you!

All photos by Allison David

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