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Social Media Marketing


Social Media Management . Content Creation . Branding 


What does your website and your social media presence say about your business?


An overwhelming majority if people research a restaurant before purchasing.  Your website and your social media platforms make the first impression on them.  They are no longer static, unchangeable pages, but are instead continuously being updated and evolved with fresh imagery and information.   It’s impossible to compete in today’s online world unless you have stellar imagery and consistency and fresh content.

We have over 25 years of hospitality, service industry, and restaurant industry experience, so, we know the business intimately.  We can help keep you relevant and make you stand out!

Customized Imagery

An overwhelming majority if people research a restaurant, brand, store, or product before purchasing.  These days, people take in information visually. That means it's imperative that you have and maintain a visual presence across a variety of platforms in order to stay relevant.


Don't use stock photos that are a dime a dozen (and often look as such) or could end up on someone else's site, too. Let us create stunning personalized, true to brand, stylized images with your restaurant, business, or venture in mind, and for you to use across all social media platforms, website pages, print media, and other various formats. Not only can we take photos, we can edit and adapt them into all various sizes and shapes with all the different social media platforms in mind.  

'70 percent of the marketing campaign of the restaurants is done online. Food photography plays a vital role in promoting the restaurants through online advertisements. This is the reason for the owners of the restaurants to invest in food photography. For acquiring excellent results, hiring a food photographer is necessary.'

Niharika Shukla / Food Photographer 

'It’s fast coming to the point where professional food photography is also a prerequisite for a successful online presence.'

Gourmet Marketing

'Food photography can serve as the differentiator between your establishment and the competition. It can be the reason people order a specific dish or decide to frequent your establishment in the first place.'

The Digital Restaurant

Online Image and Reputation Management

In these days of online anonymity, anyone with a computer can post anything they want about your business or brand, whether it's good or bad, true or false. And, those who have a negative experience, for whatever reason that may be, are far more likely to post than those who are happy with you.  

We can do a detailed assessment of your online ratings and customer feedback, and respond thoughtfully, respectfully, and in a timely manner.  We will reach out to each person who posts and work to resolve any issues that they may have to the finish. And, we will put a system in place that insures your business maintains the best online reputation possible.

Menu Development and Design


Let us help you create the language and flow of your menu with creative and enticing, true to brand and dish descriptions.  We can also design the menu for online or for print. 

Special Events and Offers


We are happy to help you plan for and promote any upcoming special events, openings, seasonal items or offers, roll outs, or any item or event that you may want to feature or to stand out.

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