Please send me an email HERE to secure your spot on the day of your choice! While some days are reserved for certain neighborhoods, there are others available for one off shoots, so, please send a message with what area of town you are in if you don't see yours listed below and I will get back to you with updates on when I will be in your area.

Monday, May 4th


8:30a - 10:30a

Tuesday, May 5th

Dallas area

8:30a - 10:30a

Wednesday, May 6th

Dallas area

8:30a - 10:30a

Please check back for additional times, which will be added as weather permits.

Mother's Day Photos

This week, I am offering mini-photo sessions in honor of Mother's Day!  What better gift for your mother, or of your mother, than the gift of a high quality professional image?  Photos can be taken this week, as time allows, or can be given as a gift for a later date.

For $100

Sessions include:

15 minutes of shooting at your home

Photos will be taken on your front porch or lawn area, or some place on your property that allows the proper social distancing.

6-8 final images sized for web use sent to you

1 8x10 print of your choice

Please email me HERE if you are interested!


Stay Home Dallas

In an effort and desire to document this extraordinary time, I am taking photos of people in my neighborhood and surrounding areas while they are sheltering in place in their homes.  While there is a base fee of $75 for the mini-photoshoot, my goal is to include as many people as possible, regardless of whether they are able to pay or how much.

I will be offering these mini photo sessions to people and families in various parts of Dallas and surrounding areas for the next few weeks in order to capture this defining moment in time.  I will send you images sized for social media, and I will also include them on my website and on Instagram.  You must be ok with my posting at least one of the photos I take on these platforms.

I look forward to working with the families in your neighborhood and people in your essential work place!

Here’s how the shoots works:

* Schedule will include one neighborhood a day and will be listed on the sidebar on this page.  

* The photos will be taken on your front porch or area of your home, or potentially through a window or any other space in or around your home that might work and look cool.  I can access when I arrive.  This way, you do not have to leave to go anywhere, and are safe and within the bounds of the stay at home orders.

* Whatever space we pick., I will be sure that it allows me to stay at least 12 feet from you.  

* Stay at Home shoots take about 15 minutes, and yield 2-3 images.  If you would like a longer shoot or more images, we can discuss that option in advance.

* Right now, I am doing certain days when I know that the sun will be out and am scheduling in certain neighborhoods on certain days.

* I will ask you to send me a photo of the front of your home taken in the morning in advance so that I understand what your home looks like and where the best lighting will be when I come.  

* I will direct you either by phone or by voice when I am there to pose, or if you have an idea of something you want to do or a way you want to pose, then we can work with that.  

* Please be ready at least 10 minutes before our scheduled time so that we can move swiftly and minimize interactions.

I'm looking forward to seeing you and your family (from a distance!) soon.



All photos by Allison David

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