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Guidance for Creative Entrepreneurs From a Creative Entrepreneur

With a special emphasis on independent freelance photographers who are already working in the business.


food businesses

Guidance for Those Wanting to Plan Their Own Photo Shoots

With a special emphasis on restaurants, bars, and other food related businesses who are wanting clarity on how they should plan and use their imagery for marketing purposes.



Guidance for Those Wanting to Break into Food Photography

For those who are brand new to food photography and wanting insight into the industry. 


To help creative entrepreneurs and others in similar industries feel more confident when navigating and running their businesses, dealing with clients, creating and managing their social media accounts, and communicating with others in a clear, professional and effective way by offering answers and guidance based on my own experiences. 

To help those who are wanting to understand how to plan, create, and use their imagery in a the most strategic way.  To assist them in applying their imagery to their marketing strategies according to their own brand and business goals by answering questions and offering guidance based on my work with past and present clients.

Who can benefit from a mentoring or consulting call?

* For those with creative, entrepreneurial, or freelance businesses or positions who struggle with their client communications, decision making, confidence, and creating their client journeys.  

* For those for whom reaching out and communicating with potential clients or even regular clients, can be confusing and even scary!  

* For those with basic questions about food photography, styling, camera settings, and editing.

* For those who feel like just having someone to bounce ideas or questions off of once in a while would be helpful and reaffirming.

* For food photographers who are breaking into restaurants photography.

* For business owners who are looking to hire a photographer but not at all sure what that entails, how much it should cost, what sorts of questions they should ask, etc….


* For those who are wanting to understand how to plan, create, and use their imagery in a the most strategic way and apply their imagery to their marketing strategies according to their own brand and business goals.

Potential Questions You May Have

* What should I say when reaching out to a potential client?

* What should I have before I reach out to a potential new client?

* What should I charge and what should my pricing cover?

* How do I handle challenging clients?

* What should I make a priority in my business?

* What is my responsibility vs. my clients when working on a job together?

* What questions should I ask of a new cleint?

* Is it ok when a client asks me for RAW files?

* How do I find potential clients?

* I have all these photos, now what do I do with them?!

* Specifically for photographers working with restaurants:

    * How do I plan a restaurant photo shoot?

    * What sorts of things do I need to do once I get there?

* Have anything else on your mind?  Contact me and we will figure it out together!

How I can help…

I’ll be honest…. Most of what I have learned about interacting with clients has come from the ones that I’ve had with my own clients over the years, and my willingness to learn from my mistakes and grow in the process.  And, I’ve made mistakes, for sure!  So, I've had a lot of opportunity to learn and grow from them.  I’ve developed a lot of tools and strategies for interacting with my own clients and I feel very confident in speaking with almost anyone who reaches out to me.  I also feel confident in my client journey from start to finish.  


I'd love to help you feel the same!


Many times, just having a few strategies in place and being able to bounce ideas off of someone who may have just a tiny bit more experience in what it means to work as a solo entrepreneur and small business owner can make all the difference in helping people begin to feel confident that the path they are on and the choices they are making are the right ones for them.


A lot of times it comes down to not being fully prepared and therefore not having the confidence necessary to respond to whatever might come up during interactions with new or regular clients.  

Book a session with me!

45 minutes  $120

3 sessions  $300

Sessions must be scheduled no less than 72 hours in advance.


Venmo, Apple Pay, and CashApp accepted for consulting calls.  

Payment should be made within 24 hours of scheduling your session.


It's best if you have your questions written down in advance and can send them to me at least 24 hours ahead of our phone call.

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