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An Idea and a Plea

As we all brace for what will most likely be a long time in isolation in our homes, this is going to be a really difficult time for those who work in the restaurant industry.

Right now, the grocery stores are doing very well and are working overtime to provide an incredible service for all of us. We should all be extremely grateful and tell any worker we come in contact with there so.

That said, I have an idea, and a plea...

You know that favorite independently owned Italian restaurant you like to frequent who has shut it's doors indefinitely? The coffee shop or breakfast diner that you love? The Thai restaurant around the corner from your office that you like to go to for lunch? And the small bagel shop, bakery, or ice cream shop?

Please don't forget about them. They are no doubt struggling right now.

I'd like to request that we make a commitment that, when this is all behind us, and we are all ready to start coming back into the world and intermingling again, that you will spend a few months or so eating out. Not at big nationwide chain restaurants, but, specifically smaller, independently owned restaurants.

Eat out instead of buying as many groceries as you might normally. Buy double, and take it home and eat it the next day. Cater a dinner party. Get creative. But, please consider it.

I'm making a plea that we all deliberately shift over to a mindset of supporting these restaurants that are going to have to make up a lot of lost time. And, let's be honest, some of them may not even survive this.

Please consider and pass on the sentiment.Thank you for reading. ❤️🙏

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