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Delicious Pear Martini with Fresh Sage Leaf Garnish

Updated: Feb 11

Delicious Pear Martini with Fresh Sage Leaf Garnish

I’ve made a lot of martinis in my lifetime. Being a bartender off and on, it was unavoidable. But, I don’t recall ever making pear martinis at any bar I worked at. If I’d known about them then, I might have imbibed a whole lot more than would have been good for me.

This martini packs a punch, but still tastes delicous, smooth and refreshing. It has a thicker consistency than some other martinis and therefore feels a little bit more substantial as you drink it.

I hope you’ll try the recipe!

Pear Martini Recipe

1/2 oz Grand Marnier or Ginger Liqueur

1 oz vodka

2 oz pear nectar or pear juice

Shaved ice

Fresh sage leaf for garnish


* Place all ingredients except the sage leaf into a shaker.

* Shake vigorously to mix.

* Sugar the rim of a martini glass. I like to use coconut sugar or brown sugar, they seem to go better with the pear taste.

* Strain shaker contents into martini glass, leaving some of the ice in the drink, and add fresh sage leaf garnish on top.


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