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Remember When We Could All Just Hang Out?

PANCAKE STACK with gorgeous pour at Four Seasons Resort in Dallas

Last night I started watching a documentary about a rock and roll club in Los Angeles called The Rainbow. I was immediately struck by the footage of people walking through the streets, standing in line, hanging out in the clubs, as if they didn’t have a care in the world. I guess they didn’t. It’s funny how much that aspect of it stood out to me, and how in normal times, I wouldn’t have even noticed it. It seems like so long ago when we were all going about our lives, interacting with friends and neighbors, running errands, working in offices, going out to eat…. I can’t help by lament and wonder if any of us will ever be that carefree about our interactions again once this has all past. I found out yesterday that one of my very favorite clients, Four Season Resort in Dallas,, has temporarily closed down their entire space until May 1st. I absolutely love working with them and I am hoping for brighter days ahead soon, for them and all other restaurants and hotels that have had to shutter or drastically curtail their businesses with no real end in sight.

This is probably my favorite shot from our last photo shoot. It was a really fun shoot, full of those carefree interactions I spoke of earlier. I will miss those with them and all of my clients for a while.

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