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Trust Your Own Creativity

‘Sometimes feedback can really hurt a creative process, and sometimes the best thing to do is to just ignore it.’ ~ Judd Apatow I am obsessed with this quote right now! I’ve been thinking about how much ‘noise’ there is out there, online, in the news, on social media, etc…, and it’s become impossible to absorb and integrate most of it. Our attention spans are non-existent, and I feel like that alone has a huge impact on the creative process, as well as so many other aspects of our daily lives. But, I find this particularly true when it comes to my work and passion of food photography. There are soooooo many people who have delved into the field, and that is no more evident than when you spend a half hour of scrolling through Instagram. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed, distracted, to judge ourselves, or others, to begin to feel unworthy with so many other amazing accounts and images. It’s easy to see something beautlful in someone else’s feed and want to try it, want to get that plate or try that recipe or experiment with a style because someone you admire is doing it that way. And like most things, this can be a very good way to learn and grow, but, it can also become a bad thing when it becomes the norm. I know because I’ve done all of these things myself, and it’s a slippery slope to giving up on one’s own vision, even just temporary, grabbing a bag of Oreo's and flipping on Netflix. So, I just have to tune it all out sometimes. I’ve come to realize that it’s really important to develop a faith in one’s own abilities and a commitment to look within for answers instead of always wanting other’s opinions or feedback about my work. That’s just me, I’m not saying anyone else should do this or that it’s wrong to want the occasional help with a specific issue you are having, or to reach out to someone you respect to ask for help once in a while. But, personally, I feel like it can be overdone and it can be a distraction and keep me from doing my own work and fostering my own creative abilities.

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