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Why Being Deliberate with Your Social Media Content Strategy is So Important

When trying to plan a social media marketing photo shoot and strategy, it’s a good idea to decide what it is you and your brand are trying to achieve and who you are trying to reach on the platforms you have chosen. And then to create a library of images and content that all fit together and convey this message.

Social media is a very powerful way to maintain a presence in the minds of your friends, followers, and customers. In order to stay front of mind, it’s important to post consistently and with mindfulness about not only each individual post and image, but, how all of those images flow together. This reinforces what your brand means to people and their positive experiences with you.

When you look at a thoughtful Instagram feed, for instance, there is a cohesive feel to it.  The images ‘fit’ together and create a story.  This story is what invokes an emotional response from your followers and that’s what sticks with them.  It’s a part of what their experience is with you, just as much as what service or product you are offering.  It all fits together and becomes a collective experience that they think of when they think of you, your brand and when they decide to support you, recommend you, and stay with you.  It's very powerful.

When you post randomly, with no planning and no idea about how one post is going to lead to another or work together, it can come across as garbled and disjointed, and this can lead to people leaving your pages and not coming back.  It can literally lead to people not supporting your brand or product, because they associate it with randomness and something they can’t rely upon.

When you give your social media strategy more thought in this level, you will be a lot closer to being able to plan out your social media photo shoots and content with much more consistency and deliberateness.  And, it will show on your platforms and ultimately in the minds and hearts of your audience.  

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