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How to Prepare for a Restaurant Interior Photo Shoot

There are so many beautifully designed restaurants and having professional photos taken of the inside can make for some stunning images that you can use for all sorts of marketing purposes. While a good photographer will be able to navigate your space and get all the right spots and angles, you want to be sure that your space is set up and ready for them when they arrive.

There are a few things that can be done prioor to a restaurant interior photo

shoot that will insure that you maximize the time and that your photos turn out as beautiful as possible. I’ve listed a few basic items below and I hope they're helpful!

* Make sure all tabletops, bar tops, and visible surfaces are

wiped down, dusted, and clean.

* Remove any random items like napkins, condiment bottles,

or anything doesn’t normally belong in plain site or that you

don’t want seen in the photos.

* Make sure all tables have the same set ups on them. Meaning

make sure they have the same salt and pepper shakers,

napkin holders, table tents, flowers, etc..., and that the

all look the same and are in the same place on the table.

* Make sure all tables are lined up, evenly spaced distance

apart, and chairs are all pushed in at the same distance.

Symmetry makes so much difference!

* Make sure all light bulbs are working.

* Make sure windows are relatively clean.

* Make sure bar bottle labels are all facing forward and that there

are no visible or obvious gaps between bottles or missing bottles.

* Fresh flowers always make big room photos look beautiful.

These are just a few things that have come up during my own shoots, and I will continue to edit this list as other things arise.

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