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Instagram: Why an Instagram Imagery Strategy is Important for Your Business

If you are using the Instagram platform for your business, there is a reason why the first 9 Instagram posts on your page are so important. 

If you have used or been on Instagram, you know that it's an image driven platform that appeals to viewers visually, at least at first. You know that a post is basically first seen as an image. If viewers are using the platform in grid mode, it will be your first 9 posts, or images, that are visible to them. And, in these few seconds, this is when people make the decision, consciously or unconsciously, to stay on your page and look a little more, or to move on. 

That’s why if you are using this platform for business purposes, planning and curating your Instagram page is so important. The imagery is, of course, the most important variable, and is the thing that will initially draw someone in. But, also, the collective feel of all of your images together is extremely important, the order in which images are posted, and creating a seamless and cohesive feel and message is important as well. 

This is what allows you to tell your brands story. The power of doing that in stunning and cohesive imagery first cannot be denied or underestimated. It allows people and followers to get to know you and to feel that they are part of your story. It builds relationships and it builds trust. And these things are what create clients and customers.

Once your imagery has been created and arranged in a thoughtful manner on your page, then the content and other details have a much better chance of penetrating and making an impact with the viewer, and hopefully potential client or customer.

People make decisions like what to do, where to go, and what to buy based on the visuals they see. Whether you are taking photos for your business yourself, or you have someone that takes all of your social media imagery, it’s important to look at the bigger picture (pardon the pun) and evaluate how all of your images are working, or not working, together as a whole. What do they convey? What do they say about your brand? 

Being deliberate about your social media imagery is imperative to a successful ongoing marketing strategy. That’s why it’s one of the best investments you can make in your business.

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