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These are strange and uncertain times, for sure.

As someone who mainly works with restaurants and food brands, when COVID hit, needless to say, I was very unsure about what the future would hold. I was not sure I'd be able to continue working with some of my very favorite clients who owned or managed restaurants around Dallas.  

And, as it stands, I am still not sure how that will play out long term.

I began to explore some of my other favorite genres of photography in the interim.  To keep my skills honed, for sure.  But, also because I have to take photos.  Every day.  It’s in my blood.  Every day is an opportunity to capture the beauty around me.  And, even in the darkest and most difficult of times, those opportunities are all around us.  

A few weeks back, I had the great honor to take photos of 2 newborns.  I don’t use the word honor cavalierly.  Not only did it allow me to expand beyond my regular comfort zone of product and food photography, and take photos of my favorite subjects, but, it gave me such a sense of hope.  There’s something about new, innocent life that inspires such optimism.  The kind of optimism that is needed to get through these rough times.  

So, while I understand how precious these images are going to be for the families I created them for, the chance to spend that time with them, and be a small part of their world for a few hours, also meant a lot to me.  

And I don’t squander those times. They are what make my 'job' mean so much more to me than a way to pay my bills.

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