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Before You Start a Marketing Strategy, Answer These Questions | Part Two (of 3)

Last week, I wrote part one of this 3 part blog post series, and it had some initial questions to ask before you start to plan a marketing strategy for your business. Those initial questions were specifically about your business, your vision for your business, and your goals for success.

This weeks post will focus more on your clients and getting to know them better. In order to know where the best place to market your business or services is, you have to first know, in as much detail as possible, who you are marketing to, and where they live online. Again, before you start a marketing strategy, or hire someone to help you with it, there are some very important questions you can ask yourself, and spend time answering, that will help tremendously in starting the process of creating a marketing plan.

So, here is part two of the series. Take your time, and be as granular and detailed as you can be.

Part Two

About Your Clients / Customers

1). Who is your ideal client?

Meaning, what is their age, where do they live, what do they do for a living, how much do they make, what are their hobbies and interests? If you feel like you have more than one ideal client, answer these questions for each one of them.

2). What problem does your ideal client have that you can solve for them and how can you solve it better than anyone else?

This is probably the most important set of questions you can answer about your ideal customer.

What problem do you solve for your ideal client?

How does your product or service make their life better or easier?

What is your ideal clients’ pain point with regards to what you offer, and how do you and your business solve or alleviate that pain point better than anyone else?

3). What do you feel is the best way to reach your ideal customer?

Where does your ideal customer hang out? What do you think that your ideal customer’s favorite social media platform is? Do they read email all day, or are they offline a lot? Where do they shop, eat out, gather, etc…? If you can answer some of these questions, it will give you a really good idea about where to focus your energies and what marketing platforms you should invest your time and efforts into.

As with week one, take some time with these and don’t rush yourself. These are fairly straight forward questions, but, that doesn’t mean that they will be easy or quick to answer.

Good luck!

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