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Garlic Tahini Yogurt Dip

Garlic Tahini Yogurt Dip

Prep Time. 5 minutes

Servings. 4-6

Keeps up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator

Do you have a favorite food or sauce that you keep in your refrigerator at all times, and eat on everything? Well, I do! And I’m here to share that with you today, in case you want to partake in the deliciousness.

This sauce is one that I made first to go with some falafel that I made. And, yes, it is amazing with falafel. But, I quickly realized that it is good on so many other things.

I use it on meatballs, on ground turkey burgers, on salads, and I even mix in some dried herbs and make a mean and healthier alternative to ranch dip!

It’s also so easy to make, and chock full of amazingly healthy foods, like yogurt, tahini, and fresh garlic cloves. Depending on what kind of yogurt you use, it will be thicker or thinner, and you can add small amounts of water to thin it out if need be.

What You’ll Need

1 5.3 oz container of Esti full fat plain yogurt

1 5.3 oz container of Esti 2% fat plain yogurt

1/3 cup of tahini

3 large garlic cloves, peeled and chopped (you might start with 2, I’m a garlic fiend, so, I tend to add extra to everything I make)

Salt and pepper to taste


* Add all ingredients to a food processor and blend until smooth.

* Serve with anything and everything you possibly can!

* Keeps in the refrigerator for several days.


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